The Price Elasticity of Not Getting the Fuck Over Him

I’ve run a thousand memory simulations trying to bring him back, but nothing is working.  Asteroids are winking past the windows of my room, white trails from the smoldering rocks disappear into the thick black of space. The glare of my computer monitor reflects off the windows of this room, illuminating the massive purple bagsContinue reading “The Price Elasticity of Not Getting the Fuck Over Him”

Just the Truth

The warden tells me there are secrets in this dirt. Names buried and long-forgotten, rotting away syllable by syllable. Smartphones cracked on the edges, ice creeping underneath microchipped screens, texts left on ‘read’ forever. A pair of earrings, never worn. Apologies that never made their way to the victims’ ears, sealed whisper-tight in mason jars.Continue reading “Just the Truth”

What Brilliant Excess

She attunes to sandstone, the rock her third mother called the “early grave.” Kell-ja’s heart races as she draws breath. Mars is no place for mixing up attunements. Align your vertices the wrong way up and your gravity’s reversed. Or worse, turned inward. Have you ever spoken sandstone’s name and felt your stomach collapse intoContinue reading “What Brilliant Excess”