Steel Jaws

How to say this
I’m exhausted
Not the kind of tired where you can just take a nap
It’s like my whole body has had the energy sucked out of it
Ever since I started working this job
I love it, this isn’t me complaining
But damn does it take the life out of me
Is this what being a man feels like?
Working hard, and coming home exhausted?
Seems like a lot of bullshit to me

Well, maybe I am complaining

It’s tough because most emotional ‘barrels’ I’ve been in have been so sudden
I just have problems jump right up in front of me
But this feels more like a slow build-up of stress
Like instead of being forced into a barrel
I’m sitting there, staring at my hands as they set up a bear trap
And the barrel isn’t a barrel, it’s a pair of steel jaws

In hunting you have to sit very still
Still enough that someone could lay a trap right at your feet

Photo Credit: Toni Tan

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